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I work in fullstack development, and am available for freelance and consultant commissions.

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I take on freelance work in project form. My core competence is fullstack web development. However, for bigger contracts I have access to competence in visual design, user interaction and copy-writing - and can provide a package deal with subcontractors.


I am also available as a consultant. In those cases I refer to my partner Weahead AB - a web company primarily focused on Front-End solutions.


This is a selection of recent commissions.
My LinkedIn profile contains a more comprehensive list.

Web Developer at Profoto

2016 March -

Updates and development on Profoto's web platform. Their current systems run on Joomla and Wordpress, with local additions.

Mobile Developer at Benecivium

2013 January -

As a partner in a start-up, I have helped building a system for issue management using GIS for municipal administration. The system is built with PhoneGap and HTML5 in the front-end and Tomcat/PostgreSQL/PostGIS in the backend

Senior PHP Developer at 3 Sverige

2015 November - 2016 March

Deveplopment and refactoring of PHP-based systems supporting network planning, radio engineers and sales.

Senior Drupal Developer

2015 January - 2015 October

Feature development, support and security updates for a number of customers through my partner We ahead AB. (More info on LinkedIn)

Senior WordPress Developer

2015 January - 2015 October

Theme development, support and security updates for a number of customers through my pratner We ahead AB. (More info on LinkedIn)

My mission


Web technology is about communication. Whether it is a website for a marketing campaign, or an internal BI toolbox, you need to get a message across. My philosophy is that getting to the point as quickly as possible, with as few distractions as possible is the key to a successfull web application.


I have been active in web development since 1995, and I have been running my own business in some shape or form since 1997. In that time, I have been using a number of different technologies, and I'm happy to learn new ones if they can help me get the job done.

The primary competences I bring to the table is experience and an ability to see the larger picture.


When updating on an existing web application, it is often tempting to throw out what you have and replace it with a big new project. While that is sometimes the best route, you may at other times actually be better served by improving on what you have. And honestly, how many times have you heard about big new IT-projects failing?

When your business is relying on a piece of digital infrastructure, it can be both expensive and disruptive to throw it all out and start over from scratch. In this case, it often makes more sense to launch new functionality by making incremental improvements.

I have a lot of experience taking over legacy or abandonned projects, making sense of them and refactoring them. And at the same time deliver updates and new functionality in a timely manner.

About Filip

I am a programmer since my early childhood, and I have a lot of experience in occupations where communication is paramount:

These experiences may be seen as a distraction and/or a detour, but in my experience they help me understand communication and putting technology in the perspective of delivering a message. This is actually what you want to achive with your web application.